COVID-19 precautions:

During the present crisis, our company is committed to serving your piano needs while keeping both our clients and our technicians safe. We have been advised by the Saskatchewan Business Response Team that piano technician services are allowed to continue operations under phase two of the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, along with proper social distancing and disinfecting precautions.

This means that we will avoid shaking your hand and will maintain a respectful distance from you as appropriate. In order to minimize contact, we will avoid opening and closing doors, and ask that you assist in that regard. Our technicians use hand sanitizer before and after every appointment, and we will also disinfect your piano keys and any other main area of contact on the piano. If you or anyone in your household develops symptoms, please call to cancel your piano appointment. Likewise, if our technician develops symptoms, we will call to reschedule.

Thank you for working with us to keep our province safe!

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