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About Us

Frostad Piano Services is a family run, locally owned and operated business. We are passionate about music, which is why we provide the care and maintenance that your piano needs. Our goal is to help your piano play the best that it can so that you can focus on making music.

Our family was raised wtih music as an integral part of our lifestyle, and we strive to help the music community in Saskatchewan grow and flourish.

Our Technician

Devon Frostad

Devon Frostad has had an interest in music from an early age. Devon became a certified luthier (stringed instrument builder and repair person) in 2010. He is also an experienced woodworker, and has been developing his skills since 2000. Devon began working with Frostad Piano Services in 2015 in piano tuning, repairs, and rebuilding. Devon is also the owner of Frostad Guitars. Devon and his wife live in Regina.