Our COVID-19 Response

During this time Frostad Piano Services is commited to keeping you and our technicians safe while providing the services you need for your piano.

Music is an essential part of life, especially at this time. We are accepting appointments, and have implemented social distancing and disinfecting precautions.

This means that we will avoid shaking your hand and will maintain a respectful distance from you as appropriate. In order to minimize contact, we will avoid opening and closing doors, and ask that you assist in that regard. Our technicians thoroughly wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after every appointment, and we will also disinfect your piano keys and any other main area of contact on the piano.

If you or anyone in your household develops symptoms, please call to cancel your piano appointment. Likewise, if our technician develops symptoms, we will call you to reschedule.

Thank you for working with us to keep our province safe!

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Rates and Services


The fee for a standard tuning is $155 (plus tax). This includes minor pitch-raise.

If a piano has not been tuned in a long time the piano may require multiple tunings. This would need to be assessed on-site.

Pianos are generally more stable when they are tuned regularily. Ideally, a piano should be tuned at least once a year. Pianos are affected by seasonal changes, and tuning a piano every year helps to ensure that it does not fall flat in pitch. It is also an opportunity to detect and address any maintenance issues that may come up.


Repairs are priced on an hourly rate and must be assessed on-site. Minor repairs may be included in tuning fee if time allows.


Regulation involves adjusting the components of the mechanism of the instrument to ensure that it is performing to its optimum for the pianist. Regulation adjustments should be done every few years to keep your piano performing at its best. This is based on an hourly rate and must be assessed based on what your piano needs.

A typical regulation costs between $150 to $300, or more if your piano needs extensive regulation work.

Contact us for an estimate!


Voicing involves working with the hammers and action to adjust the tone of the instrument. This is based on an hourly rate, and can vary from piano to piano.

A typical voicing costs between $150 to $300, or more if your piano needs extensive voicing work.

Contact us for an estimate!


The fee for an appraisal is $77.50 (plus tax), and must be done in-person to ensure accuracy. A written appraisal report will be provided, including either resale fair-market value or replacement value for insurance purposes.

We assess all aspects of the piano, including aesthetics, performance, structural integrity, and sound.

Mileage: Rural Service

Mileage is calculated from Regina at a rate of $0.50/km roundtrip. A discounted mileage rate is available for multiple pianos in one area.

We have an extensive list of rural areas in southern Saskatchewan that we service yearly. If you would like more information, or to find out if we can provide service in your area, contacts us!

Hybrid Pianos and Keyboards

We are fully trained to service Yamaha Disklavier, Silent Piano, Avant Grand, and Transacoustic pianos.

We are authorized to service and repair all models of Yamaha Clavinovas and electric keyboards, and Roland electric keyboards. We are also able to service other makes of electric keyboards.

Other Services Offered

  • Humidity control systems and components (including pads and "pad treatment"). Please see our Products page for more details.
  • Refinishing
  • Rebuilding
  • Cleaning (cabinet, soundboard, and action interior)
  • Action Refurbishing
  • Harpsichords and antique pianos
  • Pneumatic player piano tuning, repair, and rebuilding
  • Guitar and string instrument repairs (see Frostad Guitars)